We believe we understand your needs and requirements better than our competitors and we strive to help you achieve YOUR objectives as seamlessly and as efficiently as possible. Think of it as having your own event office in Lisbon bringing a wealth of local knowledge and expertise.


We never give up and keep working until we have the right programme for you and the best possible deal from our suppliers.

Fast Response

You will be amazed and delighted at how quickly we respond to requests and changes.


We deliver on our promises and we do what we say we will when we say we will do it.

Pleasure to work with

We have a great team of people who work very hard, respect our clients, partners and suppliers and are pleasure to work with!


We are known for our creativity and tenacity that produces outstanding, award-winning, incentive programmes that really help increase sales.


We connect clients to the right venues, production companies, suppliers, event staff and all of the resources required to make a successful and cost-effective conference.

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